Friday, June 21, 2013

Stop Procrastinating....


This is actually what I've been listening repetitively in my mind. I mean although the fact i'm in holiday, nothing really pressuring me to have such duty on doing such a task.
But, then I remember all of those things that I suppose to achieve but I keep delaying it with studying for tests , homework, etc as an excuse.

So here are the things that I NEED to gain by this holiday :

1. Lose 10 pounds with this kind of behavior that I'm doing? Yep it will be quite a challenge
2. Buy more SOPHISTICATED books the thing is- every time I read a really good book I become a 20% more sophisticated than ever for around 3 days and then I go back to the flat old me. But with more books - I think the sophisticated side effect could be lasts more longer.
3. Stop eating so much this one is basically related with the thing number 1. So if I achieved number 1 then I'll def achieve number 3. Coolness.
4. Grow a longer shampoo commercial hair. This one is kind of impossible. But I'll try
5. Buy Dr Martens omgg YESS! I want me own Martens! It'll be supah purrfect for my punk-rebel kind of style (at least thats what I think of my style)
6. Update this blog more frequently I think I can do this
6. Stop procrastinating
7. Stop procrastinating
8. Stop procrastinating for the rest of my life

Oh and have you guys watch Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect / Cups ( When I'm Gone ) on YouTube? Its' f-ing epic. I kind of learning the thing myself. CHECK IT OUT :))

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