Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Silver Lining

( source: Society6 )

I personally refers this anonymous quotation as the Silver Lining rule.
Because, in the darkest moment, where there are so much powerful emotion from certain angst,
we usually doesn't realize of how big damage that we'd probably made up without a proper logical thinking. Do you remember those kind of moment when there are so much anxiety in you that your brain somehow work faster and more sensitive towards things that probably will let  you go off fom the situation which causes the anxiety? That is what I'm talking about. If only human can put such power in the middle of darkest times into something resolving and lead them to success, life would be so much easier  don't you think? But, the real funny thing to me that how human can't fully control themselves. It's always be some kind of a civil war between the heart, mind and the lusts.

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