The Author

My name is Monicha Putri, born in the 1996.  This is my blog filled with random things based on my thoughts or actual events of my majestical life. I love clothes, songs, books, deep thoughts, good jokes, and interesting strangers. Will be found occasionally blurting out random words and thoughts.  A green tea enthusiast, pizza monster, an orange tic-tac eater with a binge eating affliction. 
One very-very awkward person who suffered a hardcore bitch-face syndrome. 

I'm new on blogging world so there might be plenty of flaws on my posts here and there (sorry).

The Blog

Why Monday?

The idea came to me while I was trying to find connections between main and important events in my life through certain dates, numbers, symbols, etc. I figured that the letter M basically represent almost every aspects of my existential, likewise--first my name is Monicha, I born on the month of May, and the day is Monday. The first time I created this blog I kind of appalled with the phrase of "Momondae", but even now I find it kind of tacky, therefore I changed it to Mondae. Still, something still felt not quite right, so I think--why can't I just make it more simple and explain it later in a special paragraph, right? That's how I eventually chosen the word "Monday" as the title of this blog!

What kind of blog is this?

Honestly, at first I was aiming to make it into a fashion blog, but I ended up got to lazy to take pictures of myself since literally nobody in my home is able to help and I also lack of wireless remote, effort, and appearance. Those are stupid reasons I know, but then again I kind of wanted to get hold of to a more broader aspects such as thoughts, music playlists, artworks, foods, experiences, or just you know-random thoughts.

Are there certain times when you're going to post something?

No. Because I'm a person with lightning-struck ideas, I'll never know what to post or create if there are certain pressures to do so. I have creative block most of the time nowadays, since life get in the way and make me have less time to focus on writing and make art, but at least this blog gives me purpose and a platform to share and express whatever it is I am feeling, achieve-for, and/or like to share. Anyway, I do try by making a goal to at least put out a post every 2 weeks or so.

What tool(s) did you use to create the pictures shown in this blog?

I use Canon EOS Rebel T4i with standard lens (18-135 mm) , Canon Digital IXUS, and/or my iPhone 4S All pictures are taken by myself (thanks to the existence of tripod and self timer !), unless noted otherwise. Sometimes I take images from other inspiring websites. 
Edited with Adobe Photoshop CS6

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