Sunday, June 22, 2014


I am officially in love with the whole trippy vibes thats been going on in a while!! It's just so freaky and crazy in a super-super good way. Since when does this all started?? Okay, first let's inspect some of the 'What's ins' :


1. TRIPPY VIBE as seen on Miley Cyrus' style and the way all teen girls are trying to be like her. And I personally do think that those things are kind of cool (which is the point of this post)

2. WITCH-y (?) VIBE as seen on Lorde's style. Dark thick hair, purple to black lips, pale face, black outfit, and black shoes. Cold-cold atmosphere for instance (i'm talking about black, white and blue)

3. 90's ARE BACK! as seen on the hot strappy black sandals with heels that are ranging on 7 to 10 cm, American Apparel (basic clothes, disco pants), John Lennon glasses, and mom jeans!

4. THE INDIAN CULTURE  as seen on most of the girls on the 2014 Coachella music festival. Hamsa hand, the buddha statue, 'om' symbolic, bindis,  hennas, and so on. I did found in some forums on the net that the Indians are feeling rather offended by the way the westerns use their sacred traditions and symbolic as recreational or entertainment use.

5. SPACE STUFFS  example, the whole moonchild tumblr girls, alien head, space buns, and all the accessorise with planet (mostly Saturn) as pendant.

Now let's get back to trippy.

  What is trippy? Trippy refers to the things that you see because you're hallucinating under the influence of drugs. Mostly mushrooms / LSD/ acid. When you consume acid your visions will be expanded, everything will be much more vivid, colourful and unreal. It's a pure euphoria. It happens, since your nerves are getting more sensitives towards lights, smells, and other senses. Some says it's like all your senses are bring together into one.

  Now, the visions of being wasted apparently are being made into some type of a modern art. It affects fashion, movies, music industry and so on. Most of this trippy vibe are being put together through digital art like photoshop. I personally found few stuffs which contributed to be the main ingredients of this whole trippy art. Let's check it outttt :

So did you got it? What do you think? Is it an ay or a nay? I personally think it's an ay and ay sir. My friends thinks it's creepy and got weirded out. But really, it's just an art people, get yourself together.


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