Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John Green / "The Fault In Our Stars"

I've been reading this amazing book that everyone's talking about. And it seems that the buzzing good reviews and suggestions to reading this book is truly proven. 
I fell in love with this book instantly from the first chapter. 
The story basically about two teenagers ( a girl and a boy ) who's struggling with cancer and madly in love to each other. I know... I know.... sounds cheesy right ? But the twist and the words in this book that creates such beautiful sentences of metaphors, analogy, etcetera are so damn fascinating that you just can't stop from reading it! This book mostly goes for a romance but not like any mainstream romance, it's a little bit more teasing kind of romance. You know kind of similar teasing when you watch a movie about a couple who def love each other and they've spent a really nice date- yet at the end they still feel a little bit awkward because the guy doesn't really know hot to end that perfect night and you just sit in your couch and screaming "KISS THE GIRL YOU IDIOT!!!"

I'm not going to be a spoiler here so there's not much  I can tell about how the story goes.
But if you-like, seeks for some nice book to read, I am, without doubt, recommended you this masterpiece. Also not to mention, this book is one of the New York #1st Best Sellers.

Here's a preview of the book :

I'm currently at chapter 16 and about to finish the book! I think it's should be longer cause it is so good.

So, let's read it folks, and get ready to be flown away 

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