Wednesday, September 13, 2017

looking for validation in all the wrong places

life is weird.
wait, no. human is weird.
we die alone, we live to be able to sustain our own lives alone, and die alone-yet somewhere in between those things we just can not be left alone. we destined to be communal, be in pair, go get ourselves a clique, tolerate each other, live among our own.
some managed to go along with this system, while the rest are limping around trying to fit in this wheel of life and aren't be able to because of their own fate of bodily constellations. either it's the matter on being the wrong place at the wrong time or just plain bad luck.
the odd ones, the queer, if they're fortunate they'll find someone whom as weird as they are, and even after that they have to face being gently or forcefully shunned from the moral holding majority just for their mere existence (e.g. a joke i found on the internet on how to kill yourself : be gay in Iran).

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