Thursday, March 23, 2017

the conversation in my head : emotion vs logic

1. it's okay, my life got boring these days. I feel pretty numb, maybe this time it will be different.
- you know you'll get your feelings hurt and depressed--why are you like this?

2. why am I tired, I'm not even doing anything.
- yes you did. you got invested with all this thoughts about that particular person, it drains energy. especially the fact that you're looking for some kind of justification from something that's uncertain.

3.  i think we have telephatic minds
- no, your mind just obsessing over this person every second of every day. it doesn't count.

4. do you know how much i think of throwing myself over a moving train? 2 times a day and 10 times a week.
- this suicidal jokes are not cool, i know you're stressed out--but try to keep it together.

5. why my friend getting so distant?
- you know the friend asks you on a lot of things. you're too individualistic and your friend wants to keep moving forward.

6. *lacks of motivation"
- look how everything goes past you. don't miss another opportunity, this one might be the main reason and a key to get away from everything and everyone for a while.

7. i don't think i can trust this person ever again.
- no you can not, but you will move on and you will focus on the rest good things that this person have.

8. i want to be less self-centered and just stop caring about other's opinion.
- you're progressing. keep it up.

9. i don't want to hear all my negative thoughts.
- that's why you run every morning and plug your ears with songs to tone down the voices in your head, and it's working.

10. why am i fail at anything?
- you're not even trying.

11. i am proud but also jealous for this person.
- it's fine you're allowed to be jealous for things that other people are good at, but remember that you also have your own platform in which only you can do better.

12. what if this person don't like me back and juggles me around with other individuals?
- your intent is unpure from the start, take that risk.

13. i can't stand all these "friends" in this place where am i at the most.
- i know you should look for new ones but in the meantime just put up with them. i know you hate most of their views, they can be shallow and seems to embrace bigotry. they are tacky, noisy, and irritating but in some ways they are good people. just one more year, nevertheless you have your one friend you can run into at times when you just can't stand them anymore. 

14. why can't i seem to focus on my studies?
- only 2 out of your 6 lecturers whose insightful and actually have new informations to be told, so it's not entirely your fault.

15. i am happy to be best friend with this person.
- and you should. this person have dreams, kind-hearted, friendly and actually acknowledge your friendship. you can tell your deepest secret without being judged and this person inspires you in lots of different things. 

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