Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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It took me over three years to feel distant enough from the loss of my mother to have the courage to begin this piece. Even after that amount of time passed it was still difficult at moments to face daily in the studio… It’s gone through seemingly endless changes, but finally as I was bringing it to a close my father—a person of 73 years who has seen plenty of loss and endured many challenges in this lifetime—presented this question: What is the best way to eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.I believe I’ve finished the elephant, well at least this one. ”
Melanie Vote, ART(inter)March, 2016

  • ...art is that it's very easy. Everybody can do it. There's no right or wrong, because in it we believe in the freedom of self expressions. On the other hand, art can also be very static (in a way it isn't deep enough)--if the creator itself haven't gotten much of the bittersweet of life. That's probably one of the main reason why those who had through so much are able to articulate a deeper and appreciative meaning towards the simplest of things, therefore gives more value onto their creations.

  • ...human is that we categorises things. This, happens to be the very basic of the current social construction of genders that many have been brought up as the current and trending polemic. So, first women produce babies and those are delicate things, since the baby comes out from a female therefore it's indirectly become "her" central responsibility to take care and knows what best for them. Same as your body or anything that belongs to you. You have a basic instinct on the sense of ownership that distinguish the way you treat whats yours and what's not. Back to the female-and-babies problem, since the main needs of babies are food, clean clothes, and neat environment, women tries to fulfil those tasks by doing in which today's society called as houseworks or domestic works. Then, somehow generations and generations of women who bears babies since the existence of human itself, are being categorised to certain things because their moms told them so and their mom's mom told them so--so on and so forth. So, anything that are sweet, delicate, beautiful and neat are what's "ladylike". 

  • ...male is not that they are all horny assholes. Human, same as the other earthlings in this planet of ours, are animals. What differs them a teeny bit to us is consciousness. Animals thinks to survive, human thinks to sustains, and to sustain the offsprings, the male human have natural response towards female physiques--what is the best type to carry their children. That's why breasts and wide hip (a.k.a bubble butt) are attractive. Those things are arousing and makes male wants to fuck. Then comes religion, which give ways on how to treat and act around fellow human. The fragmentation comes between animals who rapes at mating season to human who have intercourse after a consensual consent because human have wits and thoughts. Religion contributes to the fundamental of laws and rules that creates the basic human rights we have today. That's why raping is illegal and forcing women to wear fully closed attire to hide their goodies is also not right because of the previous reasons, consciousness to control your own self and the rights for women as a fellow human to wear whatever they want. 

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